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Khusheim represents TCI CUTTING from Spain for Waterjet cutting machines.

History of Waterjet Technology

During the first development of the waterjet technology, water was merely used for cleaning. In 1968, Dr. Norman Franz patented what would be the first intensifier used for waterjet cutting (700 bars). The subsidiary KMT (Karolin Machine Tool) developed the first intensifier to reach 4100 bars based on this patent. In 1971 the first intensifier of 4000 bars was developed.

applications of Waterjet Cutting

  • Aeronautics:   alloys, insulators, carbon fiber, titanium.
  • Food:   chocolate, meat, fish, cakes
  • Automotive:   alloys, rubber, composites, leather
  • Construction:   rods and bars, ceramics, marble, beams
  • Toys:   foams, synthetic fibers, polymers, polypropylene
  • Metallurgy:   steel, stainless steel, alloy, brass
  • Furniture:   glass, mirrors, wood, fabrics
  • Advertising:   Plexiglas, polyethylene, PVC, vinyl

Advantages of Waterjet cutting

  • Low cutting temperatures to prevent thermal alteration and residual tension.
  • The most versatile cutting systems on the market today, covering the full range of materials and thicknesses, even painted surfaces
  • Clean cut without harmful atmospheres
  • The cut surface neither cracks nor bends
  • Optimal utilization of raw material with negligible material loss
  • Eliminates subsequent finishing processes.
  • Ability to perform different types of cutting simultaneously
  • Very strict tolerances

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