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Khusheim represents SUGINO of Japan for tube expansion machines, tube pulling machines etc

Sugino Tube Puller

Sugino Tube puller is a convenient tool to pull out the deteriorated tube from the heat exchanger tube sheet.

Tube pulling Operation

  • Screw a spear into the tube to be removed
  • Attach the hydraulic cylinder to the spear
  • Pull the tube by hydraulic force
  • Unscrew the spear from the pulled out tube

Sugino Smart Puller

Sugino Smart puller extracts the deteriorated tube efficiently from a heat exchanger by a simple button operation.

Tube pulling Operation

  • Smart Puller clamps the inner surface of the tube to be removed
  • Tube is pulled out using the hydraulic force

Working time is reduced significantly as no spear screwing or removing is required in case of a Smart puller

Sugino Quick Puller

Sugino Quick puller continuously pulls out corroded tubes from a heat exchanger by a simple button operation.

Tube pulling Operation

  • Quick Puller screws a spear into the tube
  • Large tubes are extracted easily with push button operation
  • Spears are unscrewed out

Sugino Tube extracting tool

Simplest tube extraction system without bulky equipment and devices

Tube pulling Operation

  • Tube Drill: Used for reducing the thickness of tube by machining
  • A Knockout tool is used to push the tube with reduced tube wall thickness out of the tube sheet
  • Collapsing tool: to help remove the tube from tube sheet

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