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Khusheim represents SUGINO of Japan for tube expansion machines, which are designed and manufactured by Sugino.

Tube Expanders are rolling tube expansion tool. to bond and mold tubes to tube sheet as part of manufacturing processes for heat exchangers, boilers, condensers, etc.

Types of tube expanders

  • Types of Tube Expanders based on working
  • Types of Tube Expanders based on application
    • Parallel tube expansion: Parallel tube expansion is performed mainly with expansion of tubes for heat exchangers
    • Flaring tube expansion: Flaring tube expansion is a method of tube expansion that expands the end of a tube in a flared shape and is intended for reinforcement with respect to pulling force. This is mainly performed for expansion of tubes for boilers.
  • Types of Tube Expanders based on number of rollers
    • 3-Roller type: Suitable for thicker tubes
    • 5: Roller type: Suitable for thinner tubes
  • Special type Tube expanders
    • High Speed Expander: Reduce expanding time through a larger feed angle
    • Eco-expander: Non-lubricated expanding
    • Long reach Expander: Upto maximum length of 5m
    • Parallel-Flaring combination: Constant parallel tube expansion and flaring can be performed with these tube expanders in one process by using a collar with ball bearings
    • Curling expander: These tube expanders are used for smoke-tube boilers (in the firebox). Processing time can be greatly reduced because parallel tube expansion and curling can be performed at the same time
    • Tube end forming expander: Tube End Forming Expander is a special expander for expanding or enlarging copper tube end in order to insert and connect another tube end. It is mainly used on air cooler or small boiler

Structure of Tube Expanders

  • Roller: This component is for plastic deformation of the internal surface of the tube with counter pressure.
  • Mandrel: This component is for rotation of the rollers via contact friction. Like the rollers, it has a tapered shape.
  • Frame: This component is for holding 3-7 rollers at equal intervals and for prevention of roller drop.
  • Bearing Collar: A bearing collar that prevents damage to end of tubes and tube sheets by reducing thrust during tube expansion.

Drive Units

Tube expanders obtain their torque from a drive unit connected to the mandrel using a mandrel coupling. Different types of Drives are:
  • ELEDRIVE: Electric Torque Control Equipment
  • HYDRIVE: Hydraulic-driven Torque Control Unit
  • SERVODRIVE: Servomotor-driven, torque control tube expanding machine - with Programmable Control Unit
  • MECHADRIVE: Electric motor-driven, torque control tube expanding machine - Automatic tube expansion machine suitable for heat exchanger.

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