Khusheim Machine Tools Department can supply the right Heat exchanger Tube Cleaning for your requirement.Please send an email to with your contact details and requirement.

Khusheim represents SUGINO of Japan for tube expansion machines, tube cleaning systems etc

For the repair of Heat exchanger pipes, Khusheim provides the following cleaning solutions.

Sugino Tube Cleaner

  • Sugino Tube Cleaner works as an automatic cleaner for the tube inner surface for Heat exchanger, boiler and condenser to mechanically remove the scales and compounds deposited in the inner surface of tubes. The main components of a tube cleaner are "Drive unit", "Flexible joint" and "Cleaning Head"
  • Drive unit can be water driven, air driven or electric driven
  • Joints can be either Universal joints or Flexible joints
  • Cleaning heads can be selected based on the scale type and condition
    • Cutter heads: For thin but hard scale - Different combination of single or multiple cutter heads are provided based on the diameter and curvature of tubes
    • Drill Head: For rough cleaning of large quantity of the hard scale and deposit - Two different types of Drill heads are provided suitable for different diameters
    • Brush Head: For removing soft scale or deposit, or for final finishing after use of a drill or cutter head - Three kinds of brushes are available, depending on the conditions

Blow Gun Cleaner

Scales can be removed instantly from small diameter tubes by pushing a nylon brush or rubber plug using compressed air or water.

Pump, flex reel and nozzle

Sugino Triplex Plunger pump can be used for cleaning and removing scale deposits with high pressure water from heat exchanger, pipes, tank and various plant equipment.
  • Pump options:
    • High/Low pressure switching high pressure pump
    • High pressure/large flow pump
  • Flex reel: Cleans scale deposits on a tube inner surface precisely.
  • Nozzles: Various nozzles are available depending on the cleaning application
    • Spin Nozzle: 360 degree spinning with the help of water pressure, clean the inner surface of heat exchanger tubes using the reaction force of high pressure water jet
    • Lance Nozzle: 8 different types of nozzles are available to clean heat exchanger pipes inner surface according to the angle and direction of water-jetting
    • V-Rotary Nozzle: Rotating nozzle used for the cleaning of heat exchanger tubes outer surface

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