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Spark Erosion Machines are Electrical Discharge machines, also called Die Sinking machines which obtains the desired shape in a workpiece by the material removal caused by the rapidly recurring electric current discharge between the tool and workpiece acting as electrodes. The tool and workpiece will not make an actual contact and is separated by a dielectric liquid, generally called EDM Oil.

Khusheim represents the leading OEM manufacturer of EDMs, OSCARMAX from Taiwan. OSCARMAX offers the most comprehensive range of models including traditional type, CNC type and multiple 6 axes type in order to satisfy the market requirements precisely. Currently OSCARMAX is the leading OEM manufacturer of EDMs in Taiwan and Korea

EDM Products from OSCARMAX

  • CMAX:  CMAX are Advanced CNC type of sinker edm machines.
    • 3 axes 6 directions machining
    • multi cavities machining
    • circle orbiting
    • square orbiting
    • internal / external spherical machining
    • 45° depress corner machining
    • any angle orbiting
    • XY ,XZ,YZ, X.Y.Z plane machining
  • CNC:  It features with 2.5D Mode motion machining.
    • Circle Orbit Machining
    • Square/hexagon orbit machining
    • Internal sideways orbit machining
    • Incremental orbit machining
What CMAX can do which CNC cannot
  • Circular taper orbiting
  • Square taper orbiting
  • Convex profile orbiting
  • Concave profile orbiting
  • Square pyramid

  • NC:   Numerical Control type of sinker edm machines. It features with automatic positioning and side discharge.
    • Multi-cavities
    • External side spark
    • Internal side spark
    • Auto center finder
    • Auto Internal center finder
  • ZNC:  Traditional type of sinker edm machines.
    • Can be on-link with ORBIT-CUT system. Orbiting function may work with Z axis 10 steps auto machining!

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