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Shot peening is a cold mechanical process to improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece by air blasting with small spherical balls. Small dimples are formed on the surface of the peening part by the striking of tiny spherical balls.

Shot Peening in Petrochemical Industry

Khusheim can supply automatic glass bead peening machine, which is designed to peen API threads of drilling components as per MIL-S-13165 standard. Shot peening can generate controlled compressive stress and improve the galling resistance of the internal & external threads roots on the pipes at both ends.
  • CNC Glass bead Shot Peening Machines:   Machine is suitable for peening job of maximum size 12 meters length and 12" diameter. Two axis automatic shot peening can be provided
  • Manual Glass bead shot peening machines:   Different pipe lengths and diameters can be accomodated. Optional Automatic shot peening media adder and Rotary lance drive are available

Shot Peening of Steam Turbine Bucket root and profile Blades

Khusheim can supply 7-axis Robotic Shot peening machine designed to peen bucket root & profile blade for steam turbine. Machine is suitable for peening job of maximum size upto 1500mm.

CNC Ceramic bead Peening machine for Gas Turbines

Khusheim can supply 2-axis CNC ceramic peening machine which is designed to peen simultaneously 3 to 5 bucket profile blade for gas turbine. Machine is suitable for peening job of maximum size 1000mm length and 500mm width.

CNC Ceramic/Glass Bead Peening Machine for Aerospace Industry

Khusheim can supply CNC bead peening machine which is designed for effective peening on aero engine component (Blade Airfoils). The system has capacity to peen upto 48" length of blade.

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