Khusheim Machine Tools Department can supply the following categories of Pressing, Metal forming for your requirement. Please click on the respective categories for more information

CNC Press Brakes

CNC Press Brakes in Saudi Arabia

CNC Press Brakes can perform complex bending tasks with good repeatability which would otherwise require a highly skilled operator in a normal press brake. HACO CNC Press Brakes High accuracy and repeatability Intuitive Operator Interface with upto 24" s .......

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Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press in Saudi Arabia

Khusheim can supply Hydraulic Presses for a variety of applications.Workshop PressesThese are Hydraulic Presses, consisting of electro-welded structure of 4 stanchions with open sides. Manual:   The hydraulic cylinder should be actuated by manual ef .......

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Mechanical Press

Mechanical Press in Saudi Arabia

Khusheim can supply Mechanical Press solutions based on the customer's requirement. Here are some of the Press types which we can provide in the manufacturing solutions. Mechanical Presses: Product Range Open Back Single Crank Press Open Back Double Cran .......

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Servo Press

Servo Press in Saudi Arabia

A servo press replace the crankshaft and motor of a mechanical press with a servo motor. Stroke lengths, and energy delivery at any point of stroke can be controlled precisely using a servo Press. For this reason, a servo press can be used for mechanical .......

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Cold Forming

Cold Forming in Saudi Arabia

Khusheim can supply Tooled up fully automated Press lines which involves cold forming and fine blanking to produce the designed component. We can supply Progressive tooling or Transfer tooling based on the application. Progressive die stamping and Transfe .......

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Cold Forging

Cold Forging in Saudi Arabia

Khusheim represents UNITECH Metalforming Technologies of Taiwan to provide Turnkey solutions for the cold forging manufacturing requirements of our customers. Cold Forging Cold forging is a manufacturing process done in room temparature A billet is squ .......

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Hot Forging lines

Hot Forging lines in Saudi Arabia

Khusheim can provide complete hot forging solutions based on your manufacturing requirements. Hot Forging Applications Hot Forging Lines Integrated and Tooled up Automatic Lines High volume part production can be engineered from Billet hearing to forged .......

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High Tensile Stamping

High Tensile Stamping in Saudi Arabia

Khusheim can supply High speed single point mechanical Presses upto 400 strokes per minute and tonnages upto 250MT for the high tensile stamping applications. High Tensile stamping applications Hot stamping and Cold stamping Hot Stamping This process ca .......

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