Khusheim Machine Tools Department can supply the right Powder Coating Booth for your requirement.Please send an email to with your contact details and requirement.

Khusheim can offer high quality Powder coating booths with Automatic powder coating guns .

Powder coating booths for production houses

Powder Coating Equipments can be configured based on the production requirement, part specifications etc. Usually, a powder coating booth comprises of the following sections
  • Degreasing in multiple stages to eliminate grease, oils, surface oxides and other contaminants
  • Rinsing in single or multiple stages
  • Optional phosphating, and Rinsing to remove any chemical contaminants or pre-treatment residues
  • Drying off oven
  • Electrostatic Powder coating
  • Curing oven, where the powder is melted and adhered to the metal surface
  • Optional cooling zone

Single Colour Powder coating booths

  • Mono-color powder coating booths with Catridge type system can be provided with powder recovery.
  • If additional colours are required, an additional manual powdercoating booth can be provided without powder recovery. For main colour Automatic powder coating booth will operate and for other colours, automatic booth can be switched off and manual booth can be operated.

Multi-color Automatic Powder Coating booths

  • Multi-color powder coating booths with complete recovery of all colors can be provided.
  • If recovery of every colour powder is required, 5-7 minutes of cleaning is recommended between changed colors

500 hours salt spray testing

  • Powder coating systems with pre-treatment stations suitable to pass five hundred hours of salt spray testing can be provided.

1000 hours salt spray testing

  • Powder coating systems with pre-treatment stations and Nano passivation sytems which can help achieve very high degree of corrosion resistance to pass thousand hours of salt spray testing can be provided

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