Khusheim Machine Tools Department can supply the right Mill-Turn Centers for your requirement.Please send an email to with your contact details and requirement.

Khusheim can provide Multi-tasking machine for a wide range of applications. For general purpose Turn-mill applications, a CNC Lathe with Y-axis and subspindle can do the job with lesser investment. Multi-tasking machining centers usually have a B-axis, a swiveling Milling head on a full-fledged CNC lathe which enables the machine to do complex five-axis machining

Khusheim represents some of the best manufacturers of the Multi-tasking Machining Centers and Multi-Process Turning Centers in the world to provide solutions for complex aerospace machining applications etc

For high volume Multi-tasking production of small parts which includes Turning, 5-axis Milling, Drilling etc, Swiss type automatic lathe machines with B-axis are recommended.

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