KEMET International Ltd

Established in 1938, Kemet International Limited is at the forefront of precision lapping and polishing technology, using Diamond Compound and Diamond Slurry, which are manufactured in house to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. Kemet offer innovative solutions to operations which demand precision finish and close tolerance. Kemet's highly specialised and accurate lapping machines can machine a wide variety of materials for numerous applications.
Kemet's process Laboratories are fully equipped with the latest range of Lapping Machines, Polishing Machines, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Mould Polishing and Metallographic & Geological thin sectioning Equipment to carry out tests on customers' samples. In addition, our team of industrial chemists are able to manufacture bespoke diamond lapping and diamond polishing compounds and diamond suspensions.
With Kemet, we will help you develop a new process, reduce costs or solve immediate technical problems.

KEMET International Ltd Products in Saudi Arabia

Chemical Mechanical Polishing Machine (CMP)

Polishing Machines
Max L job248 mm9"
Max W job248 mm9"

Kemtech Spherimatch - Match Lapping Machine

Lapping Machines
Plate Φ75~250 mm2~9"
Ring ID Φ75~250 mm2~9"

Kemet 15

Lapping Machines
Plate Φ381 mm15"
Ring ID Φ140 mm5"

Kemet 20

Lapping Machines
Plate Φ508 mm20"
Ring ID Φ191 mm7"

Kemet 24

Lapping Machines
Plate Φ610 mm24"
Ring ID Φ248 mm9"

Kemet 36

Lapping Machines
Plate Φ914 mm36"
Ring ID Φ368 mm14"


Lapping Machines
Plate Φ1016 mm40"
Ring ID Φ406 mm15"

Kemet 48

Lapping Machines
Plate Φ1219 mm48"
Ring ID Φ505 mm19"

Large Lapping Table - Kemet 56

Lapping Machines
Plate Φ1422 mm56"
Ring ID Φ578 mm22"


Lapping Machines
Plate Φ1829 mm72"
Ring ID Φ692 mm27"


Lapping Machines
Plate Φ2134 mm84"
Ring ID Φ813 mm32"


Lapping Machines
Plate Φ3000 mm118"
Ring ID Φ1025 mm40"

Super Centrifugal Polishing & Deburring Machines

Mass Surface Finishing

Vibratory Bowl Finishing Machines

Mass Surface Finishing

Vibratory Troughs Finishing Machines

Mass Surface Finishing

Dual Machines - Combined Wet & Dry Vibratory Finishing

Mass Surface Finishing

Versa genius 50, 30 kHz

Ultrasonic Cleaning
Max Job L220 mm8"
Max Job W415 mm16"
Max Job H195 mm7"
Job Wt.0 kg0 lb

Versa genius 90, 30 kHz

Ultrasonic Cleaning
Max Job L295 mm11"
Max Job W545 mm21"
Max Job H310 mm12"
Job Wt.0 kg0 lb

Corus 120 Injection Mould Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaning
Max Job L300 mm11"
Max Job W538 mm21"
Max Job H442 mm17"
Job Wt.100 kg221 lb

Optima - Ultrasonic Cleaner System

Ultrasonic Cleaning
Max Job L400~6000 mm15~236"
Max Job W300~2000 mm11~78"
Max Job H1000 mm39"
Job Wt.10001 kg22000 lb