In 1947, the Bianchini Family of Milan started the machine tools manufacturing company. The founder was mr. Luigi Bianchini. The factory manufactured small parts until 1952 on a sub contracting basis. At this time Luigi decided to produce his own machines, designing Bench and Column drilling machines and Drilling-Milling machines under the trade name BIMAK.
The business progressed very well and in 1962 they began exporting to the Middle Eastern Countries in large volumes. Thousands of BIMAK machines are still working today in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and U.A.E. to the satisfaction of our customers who like our quality of production and reasonable cost. Production soon reached 3,000 machines per year.
In 1999 the Bianchini Family decided to enlarge the product range into milling machines and lathes.
ITAMA was formed.

ITAMA Radial Drilling Machines in Saudi Arabia

T40 900R

Radial Drilling Machines
DrillΦ(MS)38 mm1.4"
Arm-radius950 mm37"


Radial Drilling Machines
DrillΦ(MS)45 mm1.7"
Arm-radius1250 mm49"


Radial Drilling Machines
DrillΦ(MS)55 mm2.1"
Arm-radius1600 mm63"


Radial Drilling Machines
DrillΦ(MS)65 mm2.5"
Arm-radius2000 mm78"


Radial Drilling Machines
DrillΦ(MS)80 mm3.1"
Arm-radius2500 mm98"


Radial Drilling Machines
DrillΦ(MS)100 mm3.9"
Arm-radius3000 mm118"
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