Khusheim Machine Tools Department can supply the right Lathe Chucks for your requirement.Please send an email to with your contact details and requirement.

Apart from Lathe Chucks, Khusheim can provide drill chucks and collet chucks too.

When sending an enquiry of the chuck, provide the following information.

  • Chuck Diameter
  • Through bore size required for hollow chucks
  • Type of chuck (from the list below)
  • Mounting type (lathe spindle nose information)
  • Speed of operation
  • Jaw type (soft or hard)

Type of Lathe Chucks

  • Power chucks:
    • 3 jaw self centering pneumatic chucks
    • 3 jaw self centering hydraulic chucks
    • 2 jaw self centering chucks: for rectangular parts or non-rotary parts like elbows etc
    • Retractable jaw chucks - For the complete machining of shaft in a single set up - Chuck jaws will hold the workpiece for rough machining and will retract and the shaft will be turned using the face driver for machining the clamping area and for finish machining.
  • Manual chucks:
    • Self centering 3-jaw chucks
    • 4-jaw independent chucks
    • Face Plates - for clamping specialty or odd shaped jobs

Post an enquiry for Lathe Chucks

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