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Lapping Machines are used to achieve true flatness on the workpieces where achieving flatness is critical for their operation. The workpiece to be lapped is positioned inside the conditioning rings (the inside diameter of conditioning rings is the maximum job diameter that can be lapped in a machine) and is rubbed with a lapping plate (usually cast iron, copper etc depending on the workpiece material, with lapping paste in between them. The diamond particles or similar abrasive particles present in the lapping paste will get embedded in the lapping plate and this lapping plate charged with diamond or abrasives rubbing on the workpiece can achieve flatness less than the wavelength of the light.

Lapping Machine Options

  • Hand Lapping:  Skill is required for this to obtain flatness.
  • Open Face Lapping Machine:  The open face machines are for use where workpieces are either large in size and can be lapped under their own weight or where pressure application by hand weights is sufficient.
  • Lapping Machines with Pnuematic lift:   The pneumatic lift machines will raise and lower the weights and also apply pressure where necessary.
  • Bench Top Spherical Lapping Machine:   The KEMET Kemisphere is a small single station spherical lapping and polishing machine ideal for either matching 2 spherical forms together or, with appropriate tooling, it has the ability to lap and polish spherical forms to better than 5μm roundness with a mirror finish. It’s a perfect replacement for jobs currently hand lapped together, and its bench top design makes it a useful addition to any workshop involved in spherical lapping.
  • Lapping / Polishing / Super Finishing Machine:   The Kemet DiaCol has been developed as a single machine that is able to lap and polish components using the complete range of processes from conventional lapping with a cast iron plate and aluminium oxide or silicon carbide slurries, precision diamond lapping and polishing with a Kemet composite lapping plate and Kemet’s diamond slurries and super finishing CMP (Chemo Mechanical polishing) using a CHEM-H pad and COL-K polishing media. Machine available in 15", 20" and 24".Hydraulic chuck Internal Lapping Machine:   The KEMET Internal Lapping Machine has been designed to accurately lap internal valve faces. This lapping machine will process internal faces up to 300mm (3" to 16") in diameter, producing a flatness of 0.001mm. Depending on the material and the tooling, anything from a standard matt finish to a high mirror polish can be obtained. The Kemet Internal Lapping Machine can quickly be changed to a standard lapping machine, allowing the flatness of the laps, which generate the flatness of the recessed internal face, to be maintained on the same machine. This means that a single machine can produce the required flatness on the lap tooling and then generate the same flatness on the internal faces, a bonus in terms of cost and footprint.
  • Match Lapping Machine:   The KEMET Kemtech Spherimatch provides an automated method to match lap two valve halves, or similar components, together: For example - matching the concave barrel of a hydraulic piston pump to its convex swash plate. These faces need a perfectly matching radius to maintain performance and minimise leakage. The Spherimatch enables the removal of even deep scoring and final match lapping of bodies up to 400mm high and ranging from 75mm diameter up to 250mm.
  • Dual Face lapping:   The Kemet Twin Lap machine is a small but versatile bench mounted machine ideally suited for small workshops and laboratories. It comes fully equipped and ready to use and is suitable for lapping components up to 52mm diameter (2") and up to 10mm thick. In certain circumstances larger components can be accommodated.
  • Geological Lapping Machine:   The Kemtech III Geological lapping machine is able to accurately lap and polish thin sections mounted on glass slides down to 30 microns. Metered dosing of conventional and/or diamond abrasives is applied to the lapping plate using the a Ku-Disp Geo peristaltic dispenser. The Kemet Lift Off Disc system allows quick transitions between the lapping and polishing stages.
  • LVAC Polishing Machine:   The Kemet 300 LVAC special purpose polishing machine is a smaller alternative to the Kemtech 15 geological lapping machine for polishing geological mounted samples.
  • Special Purpose & Bespoke Machines:   As well as these standard flat, spherical, match and internal lapping machines, Kemet also offer a bespoke machine manufacturing service for applications where an off the shelf system is not available. This can be as basic as converting a hand finishing operation to an automated process, or as complex as a conveyor fed single piece lapping system capable of producing a finished part every 9 seconds. No application is too small for consideration.

Accessories & Tools

  • Electronic Dispenser System
  • aKu-Disp Peristaltic Dispenser
  • Lapping Machine Maintenance Kit
  • Flatness Gauges
  • Colour Coded Flatness Gauge
  • Straight Edges to Measure Plate Flatness
  • Monochromatic Light Source
  • Optical Flats
  • Optical Flat Stands
  • Optical Flat Cleaning and Care Kit
  • Kemet Portable Hand 3 Lap Kit
  • Kemet Carbon Seal Lapping Kit
  • Kemet Hand Lap Kits
  • Pressure Relief Valve Lapping Kit

Lapping Consumables

  • Kemet Composite Lapping Plates
  • Custom grooved lapping plates
  • Lift Off Disc System
  • Kemet Composite Lapping Rods
  • Conditioning Rings
  • Diamond Dressing Ring
  • Dressing Pads
  • Cast Iron Lapping Plates / Segments
  • Cast Iron Hand Lapping Plates
  • Soft Metal Hand Lapping Plates
  • Liquid Diamond
  • DiaCarb - For Polishing Carbon and Carbide Seals
  • Diamond Compound / Paste
  • Lubricating Fluids
  • Universal Lapping Oil
  • Kemox - Abrasive Slurry
  • Kemox SF - Aluminium Oxide Treated Suspension
  • Col-K - Colloidal Silica Suspension
  • Lapping Pastes & Powders
  • Sabre Aluminium Oxide Paste
  • Aluminium Oxide Lapping Film
  • Diamond Lapping Film
  • Diaflex - Diamond Grinding
  • Kemet Polishing Pads
  • Magnetic Polishing Pad Systems
  • Workholding and Holders

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