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Sugino Hydraulic Tube expansion equipment

Khusheim represents SUGINO of Japan for tube expansion machines, which are designed and manufactured by Sugino. Unlike the Rolling tube expansion tools which expands the tubes by the pressure applied by the rollers, hydraulic expansion machines use hydraulic power.

Aqua Setter Aquozu (Ultra High Liquid Pressure Tube Expansion machine)

Aquozu is a tube expansion machine which expands tubes by ultra-high pressured water and servomotor is installed as a driving source. Ultra-high pressured water works inside a tube and this makes the tube fixing to the tube sheet by a plastic deformation. This machine is suitable for thick and/or long tube expansion. Main components are a gun unit and a control unit
  • Gun Unit: Gun unit supplies ultra-high pressured water into Aqua Mandrel as necessary. The Aqua mandrel, which is a part of gun unit will have the aqua tube of length equal to the required expansion length.
  • Control unit: Control unit controls the pressure of ultra-high pressured water as necessary. Since servomotor is installed for the pressure generator, it achieved shorter expansion time, cleaner working environment and easier maintenance.

Features of Hydraulic tube expansion machine

  • Environment Friendly: Water-assisted, clean, environment-friendly tube expansion. Work environment improved with oil leak-free servomotor.
  • Economical: With its ability to expand 800mm in a single expansion, Aqua Setter Eco greatly reduce the expansion time and total cost.
  • Easy Operation  Even thick tube can be expanded at your fingertips. Foolproof equipment with touch-screen system.
  • Safety As no resistance force is generating during expansion, it improves safety of operation.
  • Improve Quality No tube deformation and tube inner diameter hardening/flaking is generated

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