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Khusheim can supply Hydraulic Presses for a variety of applications.

Workshop Presses

These are Hydraulic Presses, consisting of electro-welded structure of 4 stanchions with open sides.
  • Manual:   The hydraulic cylinder should be actuated by manual effort, usually by a mechanical lever.
  • Motorised:   The hydraulic cylinder will be motorised.
  • Fixed Headstock:   The position of the headstock will be fixed.
  • Movable Headstock:   Lateral displacement of Headstock is possible. The movement can be manual or motorised, and can be on wheels or rack transmission systems.
  • Table movement:   Usually table movement is possible, and it can be possible in many ways. After raising or lowering, the table is secured using center pins.
    • Moved using chains
    • Raised using manually operated gear systems
    • Raised using motor and gear reducer
    • Raised using motorised chain

C-Frame Presses: Hydraulic Presses with Throat Depth

C-Frame Hydraulic Presses are designed to perform work involving deep-drawing, stamping, die-cutting, forming etc. These machines can be incorporated into automatic production lines. The machines can be configured top tables, bottom ejectors etc depending on the application.

4-Cylindrical Column Hydraulic Press

Designed with 4-cylindrical columns, the presses will provide increased accuracy and capacity, specifically recommended to perform work involving deep-drawing, stamping, die-cutting, forming etc. The useful table sizes (length & width) for this type of presses can be higher compared to other types.

Monobloc Presses

The frame will be welded to a Monobloc design and can be suitable for automatic production lines

Gantry type Hydraulic Press

These hydraulic presses are designed for straightening of electrowelded structures and flame cut sheets. Similar to Gantry machining center, the headstock of the press can travel to the length and breadth of the large table.

Cambering & Straightening Presses

These presses are specifically designed to perform works involving the bending and straightening of profiles, bars and beams.

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