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Honing machines will have honing stones attached to the tool, which are abrasive grains bound together with an adhesive. The honing tool will press the honing stones to the surface of the bore and will be turned while moving in and out.

In a self-truing manner, honing stone erodes to take the shape of the workpiece surface and the workpiece shape will become better with honing.

Honing is an expensive process and is used in components that demands the highest level of precision.

Vertical Honing Machines have an upright spindle drive mechanism which saves floor space yet allows for honing of small to very large bore applications. Delivering precise crosshatch patterns, vertical honing machines are trusted across a variety of industries.

Horizontal Honing Machines are designed for speed, precision, and convenience. Ideal for shops with a variety of small parts, these machines allow for quick changeovers and excellent control. SUNNEN line of horizontal honing machines range from the versatile MBB-1660 to the SH line of power-stroked machines.

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