Khusheim Machine Tools Department can supply the following categories of Heat Treatment for your requirement. Please click on the respective categories for more information

Induction Heat Treatment

Induction Heat Treatment in Saudi Arabia

Induction hardening and heat treatment Khusheim can supply the required equipment for your induction heatina and heat treatment requirements including, but not limited to: Induction melting Induction heating Pouring Induction thermal holding Inducti .......

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Furnace and Ovens

Furnace and Ovens in Saudi Arabia

Furnaces and Ovens Khusheim can supply high quality furnaces and ovens based on your requirement including, but not limited to: Induction furnace Vacuum furnace for heat treatment Melting furnaces Heat treatment furnaces Paint and coating Drying syst .......

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Laser or Electron beam Hardening

Laser or Electron beam Hardening in Saudi Arabia

Laser beam hardening is a Case hardening process in which the outer surface (typically 0.1mm to 1.5mm), which is exclusively used with ferrous materials suitable for quenching.The moving laser beam will heat a small portion of the material where it is foc .......

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