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Khusheim supplies HACO Guillotine Shears. in Saudi Arabian market.

Features HACO HSL Guillotine Shear HACO HSLX Guillotine Shear
Backguage movement SP-9 pre-selection control with Digital readout programmable positioning with the SC100T control
Cutting angle adjustment Electro-hydraulic adjustment of the rake angle by push buttons at the control panel, and digital read-out Automatic setting as a function of the plate thickness
Blade gap adjustment manually set by easy accessible levers (on each side) at the rear of the machine setting is automatically by means of two hydraulic cylinders, as a function of the entered sheet thickness and material type
Control system SP-9 Preselection control with Digital Read-out SC100T control: LCD display (5.7") and Touch Screen. Memory capacity: max 500 programs with each max. 255 steps, material list of max. 32 materials

Common Standard Features

  • Hydraulic motor-pump group arranged in front under the table of the machine, leaving the rear-side completely free for easy removal or mounting conveying/stacking systems to the machine.
  • 2 Upper-driven push-down cylinders.
  • All operator controls are conveniently located at the left-hand side of the machine in the immediate reach of the operator.
  • HYDRAULIC HOLD-DOWNS:   The hydraulic hold downs work independently, which makes it possible to clamp plates of different lengths and thicknesses correctly. The hold downs operate independently from the shearing pressure. On the left and the right hand side of the machine the hold downs are arranged more closely to allow cutting small plates without any problems.
  • Hydraulic and electric overload protection
  • High shock resistant premium quality blades with 4 cutting edges on all other models
  • Shearing table with a number of square iron blocks, easying the sheet feed-in and increasing drastically operator’s safety.
  • Squaring arm of 1000mm with scale, T-slot and disappearing stop, attached to the left hand side of the machine.
  • Movable foot pedal control

Common optional Features

  • Swing away backguage:   Powered back gauge, stroke 750 or 1000 mm. Available as option on all HSL and HSLX models. When removing the shafts in both carriers and running the backstop backwards, the complete carrier will swing away to the back, enabling to cut longer sheets.
  • Squaring arms and front support arms.
  • Ball transfers in the iron table blocks.
  • Protractor for angle shearing.
  • Blades for cutting inox.
  • Hand Safety Guard with hand gaps and safety light curtain guards.
  • Different back gauge types.
  • Hydraulic sheet support system for cutting of thin materials, it assures the perfect gauging while entering the sheet into the machine. During the cutting action the sheet remains supported in order to avoid damage and deformation. When the cutting action is finished the plate slides down smoothly. The system can be switched off, e.g. for cutting thicker plates.
  • Different conveying and stacking systems with integrated sheet support arms and scrap container.
  • Safety fences and light beams at the rear side of the machine. (standard for countries requiring the CE safety specifications)

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