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Brakes, Folding Machines or Box and Pan Folder machines are obtaining the bending of sheet metal securely clamped between a flat surface and a top tool by the up-down movement of the plate hinged parallel to the straight edge of the top tool. The sheet metal material extended over the straight edge of the top tool follow the movement of the hinged plate and gets bent.

  • Folding Machines:   The Brakes or Folding machines can have single or segmented top tools.
  • Box and Pan Folder:   Box and pan folder will have several segmented top tools which can be removed or rearranged to form box and pan shapes out of sheet metal.
  • Automatic Panel Bender:   An automatic panel bender can obtain high productivity by completely automating the part handling and automatic alignment and rearrangement of tools to obtain the desired panel profiles. Khusheim can provide turn-key solutions for your panel and door manufacturing requirements with the combination of Decoiler, Straightener, Punch-Shear and automatic panel bender.

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