Khusheim Machine Tools Department can supply the following categories of EDM, WEDM, ECM, Die sinking for your requirement. Please click on the respective categories for more information

Spark Erosion Machines-EDM

Spark Erosion Machines-EDM in Saudi Arabia

Spark Erosion Machines are Electrical Discharge machines, also called Die Sinking machines which obtains the desired shape in a workpiece by the material removal caused by the rapidly recurring electric current discharge between the tool and workpiece a .......

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CNC Wirecut EDM

CNC Wirecut EDM in Saudi Arabia

Wirecut EDMs are primarily used for the manufacturing the Dies in the Die-punch combinations. A continously fed thin wire will cut through the workpiece as per the CNC program to make the die. Khusheim represents ACCUTEX from Taiwan.ACCUTEX: The technolog .......

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Fast hole EDM Drill

Fast hole EDM Drill in Saudi Arabia

Khusheim represents OSCARMAX for Fast Hole EDM Drilling Machines. Holes can be drilled using Fast Hole EDM Drills in any electrically conductive materials including carbides. The spark erosion is accomplished similar to the working principle of a RAM type .......

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