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Khusheim represents OSCARMAX for Fast Hole EDM Drilling Machines. Holes can be drilled using Fast Hole EDM Drills in any electrically conductive materials including carbides. The spark erosion is accomplished similar to the working principle of a RAM type Die sinking EDM but with following differences.

  • High pressure dielectric fluid will be pumped through drilling electrodes which will help flushing out eroded particles from the hole.
  • De-ionized distilled water is used as Dielectric. To save operating costs, Oscarmax provides water cycling system with water analysis detecter as an option.
  • Electrode will be rotating at high speed which helps attaining concentricity and causes even wear on the electrode.
  • The high pressure coolant and rotation keeps the electrode straight and electrodes from 0.1mm outside diameter can be used for hole making.

Options in Fast Hole EDM Drills

  • Submerged tank and Flushing type tank
  • Moving column type and Moving table type: For normal applications, moving table type machines will be cost effective and reliable, but for applications where rotary table and tilting heads are required to obtain complex drilling angles in the workpiece, moving column type machines are recommended.
  • Automatic Tool changer and Automatic Guide changer
  • Water cycling systems and water analysis detector
  • Rotary tables
  • Tilting heads
Single hole electrodes and Multiple hole electrodes
  • A single hole electrode will have effectively the shape of a tube which will have high pressure dielectric coming through the middle of the rotating electrode.
  • Sometimes the single hole electrodes with bigger diameters will cause the creation of a center spike or needle due to the tube shaped electrode. This spike can create a short and cause the machine to retract, which slows the entire operation.
  • To avoid this happening, multiple hole electrodes are used which will never allow the creation of center spike or needle

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