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Deep hole Drilling is the Drilling to obtain deep holes with a depth-diameter ratio of more than 5:1.

Methods used in Machines

  • Gun Drilling
    • BTA: Boring and Trepanning Association
    • STS: Single Tube system drilling


  • Centerline holes on parts upto 20 feet deep
  • Skiving and Roller Burnishing of Hydraulic cylinders
  • Multiple spindle deep hole drilling in heat exchanger plates


The drill head is attached to a cylindrical drill tube with a small diameter that leaves a space between the hole being drilled and the drill tube. Cutting fluid with high pressure will be supplied through the space between the drill tube and the drilled hole, and the cutting fluid flushes the chips back out of through the drill tube. STS is the first choice for long series production, which requires a dedicated deep hole drilling machine. The productivity of STS is said to be six times that of gun drilling.

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