Khusheim Machine Tools Department can supply the following categories of Laser, Plasma, Thermal, Waterjet for your requirement. Please click on the respective categories for more information

Laser cutting Machine

Laser cutting Machine in Saudi Arabia

Laser cutting machines use laser power to cut materials. Khusheim supplies FiberBlade series and OmniMat series Laser cutting machines from MESSER Cutting Systems Along with its renowned CNC Thermal Cutting Machines, MESSER built the first laser machine i .......

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Plasma-Oxy-fuel CNC Thermal cutting

Plasma-Oxy-fuel CNC Thermal cutting in Saudi Arabia

Khusheim represents GERMAN brand MESSER Cutting Systems for CNC Oxy-fuel and plasma cutting machines.MESSER CNC Thermal Cutting Machines MESSER SmartBlade COMPACT, SWIFT, PRECISE Special ducting software transform smartblade into dedicated sheet metal d .......

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Laser and Plasma combination machine

Laser and Plasma combination machine in Saudi Arabia

MESSER OmniMat Combo combines the power of Plasma and the precision of Laser.MESSER OmniMat Combo is a large size CNC laser cutting machine with a heavy-duty structure and precise machine guiding profile and provides high cutting accuracy and precision c .......

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Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting in Saudi Arabia

Khusheim represents TCI CUTTING from Spain for Waterjet cutting machines.History of Waterjet TechnologyDuring the first development of the waterjet technology, water was merely used for cleaning. In 1968, Dr. Norman Franz patented what would be the first .......

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3D Profile Cutting

3D Profile Cutting in Saudi Arabia

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Tube-Pipe profile cutting

Tube-Pipe profile cutting in Saudi Arabia

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Notching Machines

Notching Machines in Saudi Arabia

Khusheim supplies HACO Notching Machines.Notching Machine types MINI:   Fixed 90° Notching with maximum length 220mm on upto 4mm MS plate. MAXI250/6:   Fixed 90° Notching with maximum length 250mm on upto 6mm MS plate. VARI220/6: &nb .......

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Bevelling Machines

Bevelling Machines in Saudi Arabia

Beveling is an operation usually done to remove meterial from the edge of the plate in such a way that a V-groove or U-groove is obtained between two surfaces kept together for welding.Wide range of Plate beveling solutions Beveling Machining Center: &nbs .......

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