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Wirecut EDMs are primarily used for the manufacturing the Dies in the Die-punch combinations. A continously fed thin wire will cut through the workpiece as per the CNC program to make the die. Khusheim represents ACCUTEX from Taiwan.

ACCUTEX: The technology leader in Wirecut EDM

  • SPEED:
    • The AccuteX intelligent discharge unit is capable of dealing with the changing condition in workpiece thickness and water flushing situation, featuring high cutting speed, and free from wire breaking.
    • With a single workpiece of different thickness and highest is 50 mm, the maximum cutting speed can be 3.3mm per minute, and faster 20 % than all competitors.
    • Cutting Efficiency at over 200mm high thickness is more than 50%, at over 70mm high thickness is obviously faster than all competitors.
    • Intelligent Corner/Arc control, high precise result on corner/Arc Releasing new Skim cutting technology, adaptive servo feed rate to solve material deformation by temperature and corner wash-out problem, especially in external and inner corner.
    • Press mould accuracy:
      • AL series CNC Wirecut EDM from AccuteX with Linear motor and linear scale is capable of ultra-precision cuts to facilitate Zero tolerance punch and die assembling avoiding Burr problem in production.
    • Good surface finish, Ra0.35µm is standard, the best can reach Ra0.06µm with MST-III
    • The best surface finish is Ra 0.06μm
    • Stable discharge module, reduce variability between single machine and the same type of machine
      • High repeatability in accuracy by applying the same cutting data on different machines, the consistence enhances the quality of workpiece and simplifies management procedure
      • High speed cutting by SD-Master in stable power stabilizes the cutting process, especially under high-speed mode
      • By cutting 100 holes of 6mm continuously, 95.45% of all workpieces accuracy is within ±1.5µm

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