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Centerless grinding machines are used to provide smooth finish in the Outside diameters of cylindrical jobs which are difficult to hold between centers. Unlike a Cylindrical Grinding Machine which hold the job between centers, a centerless grinding machine secure the workpiece between two rotary grinding wheels rotating at different speeds. One of the wheel, usually called as Cutting wheel rotates at a higher tangential speed and the other wheel, often called as Regulating wheel which is movable, will be positioned to apply lateral pressure to the workpiece. The speed difference between the two rotating grinding wheels determines the rate of material removal from the workpiece.

Centerless grinding is a more efficient process compared to centered grinding processes.

Centerless grinders are generally of three types, based on the method used to feed the workpiece.

  • Through-feed Centerless Grinder:  Workpiece are axially fed, enters at one side of grinding wheel and exits at the other side of grinding wheel. These machines are very efficient and are suited for the mass production of simple cylindrical jobs.
  • End-feed Centerless Grinder:  Workpiece is fed in one direction to the other end of the machine, finish grindng, and fed back to the end where it has entered. End-feed centerless grinders are most suited for tapered workpieces.
  • In-feed Centerless Grinder:  The complex jobs which cannot be fed axially are machined using In-feed Centerless Grinder. The wheels of the grinder will be as per the complexity of the job. The workpiece is loaded from the top, finish the grinding operation, and is unloaded from the top.

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