Khusheim Machine Tools Department can supply the following categories of Drilling, Boring, Hole making for your requirement. Please click on the respective categories for more information

Horizontal Borers

Horizontal Borers in Saudi Arabia

Boring is a machining process in which a cutting tools is fed into a workpiece with relative rotational motion between the tool and workpiece to generate an internal surface concentric with the axis of rotation.The following types of machines can be suppl .......

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Vertical Borers

Vertical Borers in Saudi Arabia

Vertical lathes are generally preferred for the following turning applications: unbalanced jobs heavy duty jobs which cannot be held between centersDifferent solutions Conventional Borer CNC Vertical Turning Turret type Milling Head type Multi-process V .......

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Jig Boring Machines

Jig Boring Machines in Saudi Arabia

Khusheim can supply CNC machines matching with the accuracy of Jig Boring Machines. Please share your enquiry and drawing and we can suggest you the right machine.

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Radial Drilling Machines

Radial Drilling Machines in Saudi Arabia

Radial Drilling Machines Suitable for large size workpieces Can do Drilling, Reaming, Boring, Tapping Suitable for One-off and Batch ProductionPortable Radial Drilling Machines Mobile and movable in seven axis Suitable where machine has to be brought to w .......

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Column/Bench Drills

Column/Bench Drills in Saudi Arabia

Different types Bench Drilling Machine Column Drilling Machine Pillar Drilling MachinesDifferent choices Table tilting Table size Drill Diameter Country of origin

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Deep Hole Drilling Machines

Deep Hole Drilling Machines in Saudi Arabia

Deep hole Drilling is the Drilling to obtain deep holes with a depth-diameter ratio of more than 5:1.Methods used in Machines Gun Drilling BTA/STS BTA: Boring and Trepanning Association STS: Single Tube system drillingapplications Centerline holes on part .......

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Pipe perforating machine

Pipe perforating machine in Saudi Arabia

Perforated Casing tubeThe quality of the perforated casing can affect the performance of the well. Khusheim can supply high productivity Multi-spindle Pipe perforating machine for the efficient and high throughput manufacturing of perforated casing tubes.

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Beam Drilling Machines

Beam Drilling Machines in Saudi Arabia

Khusheim represents KOTEC of South Korea for structural steel machinery including Profile Drilling Machines. Types of Profiles H-Beam I-Beam Box sections UPN Channels Angle section Operations 3 axis Drilling with 3 spindles Cutting with Bandsaw Ma .......

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