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Blast Rooms (or) Blasting Booths

Khusheim can supply professional Blast rooms with fully automatic blasting media recovery systems, own lighting and ventilation systems to ensure working conditions in line with international standards, ensuring utmost operator safety inside the system.

Sand Blasting
Sand blasting is the abrasive blasting process in which sand is used as the blasting media.
Advantages of sand blasting
  • Most available blasting media
  • Sand contains silica, which is known to cause serious respiratory illnesses for workers
  • Sand contains a high moisture content that can lead to the corrosion and reducing life span of blasting equipment
Selecting Shot blasting media
  • To avoid damage of your part, always select softer media
  • Aluminium oxide: for Paint removal, and glass etching
  • Silicon Carbide: for fast etching of glass, granite etc. (higher productivity than Aluminium oxide)
  • Glass beads: To achieve a smooth bright surface finish
  • Plastic beads: For paint removal of composites and fiber glass parts
  • Steel shots: for removing rust, paint, scale etc from steel surfaces

Auto Shoot Blasting Machines

Auto shoot blasting machines will have number of continuously rotating turbines throwing blasting media on the workpiece passing through the blasting chamber. The number of turbines and the machine dimensions and other specifications can be designed based on the workpiece(s). Few applications of Autoshoot Blasting machines are:
  • Blasting of Steel plates for production applications
  • Blasting of Structural Steel Sections (HEB beams, IPN beams, UPN channels, Angles etc)
  • Blasting of Fabricated sections and structural frames
  • For processing LPG cylinders, fire extinguishers, pipes and cylindrical items
  • Marble and Granite processing

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