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Khusheim represents GERMAN brand MESSER Cutting Systems for CNC Oxy-fuel and plasma cutting machines.

MESSER CNC Thermal Cutting Machines

  • MESSER SmartBlade
    • Special ducting software transform smartblade into dedicated sheet metal duct cutting machine
    • Speed and precision suitable for architectural profile cutting
  • MESSER MetalMaster II
    • Precision plasma with Automatic gas console allows MESSER Hole Technology
    • Oxy-acetylene torch as option
    • Positioning speed of 35m/s
    • For Plasma upto 50mm and Oxy-fuel upto 60mm
  • MESSER MultiTherm Eco
    • Upto four Oxy-acetylene torches and plasma torch for efficient 2-D cutting
    • Various marking technologies for post cutting
  • MESSER MultiTherm PRO
    • 5-axis compact plasma bevel head BEVEL-R for contour beveling
    • Manual Triple-bevel torch for Oxy-acetylene cutting
    • Automatic nesting, Job list Planner & Shape scanning
  • MESSER OmniMat
    • Can be equipped with Upto 24 oxy-acetylene torches
    • Laser, Plasma combination machine
    • Drilling, Boring, Countersinking and Thread tapping as additional processing capabilities

Thermal cutting options and Features

  • 2-Dimensional Plasma cutting:   One or more plasma and Oxy-acetylene or other Oxy-fuel cutters can be configured in the machine to produce flat profiles from metal plates or sheet metal.
  • Multiple Cutting heads:   Lower end cutting machines will have only single Plasma cutting head and a single Oxy-fuel cutting head, one of which will be doing the cutting at a given time. Higher end machines can have multiple Plasma and Multiple oxy-fuel cutting heads.
  • Floating head & Motorised head:   The distance between multiple cutting heads will be adjusted manually in case of floating heads. Motorised heads can be controlled interdependently by CNC, and the following cutting scenarios are possible with motorised multiple plasma cutting heads.
    • Master-slave cut
    • Mirror cut
  • Manual Beveling:   The torch(es) can be manually tilted to produce a bevel cut when required.
  • 3-Dimensional Cutting:   The cutting head will have two axes of rotation controlled by CNC which can produce true bevel cut in any direction. Some applications are:
    • Countersunk holes
    • Uniformly chamfered profiles
  • Triple Torch:   Triple torch can be used to cut the plate and to produce the top bevel and bottom bevel in a single pass. This is suitable for applications that do not require Mechanical Beveling
  • Torch Height Control:   The height of the torch from the cutting surface can be continuously measured and controlled. This ensures a uniform surface quality and prevent dimensional errors especially during bevel cuts.
  • Manual Gas Console:   With manual gas console the pressure and supply rate of compressed gas is adjusted based on the material, thickness and profile. This remains constant throughout the cut.
  • Automatic Gas Console:   With automatic gas console, the cutting power and the supply of gas is regulated by the CNC based on the geometry and contour of the cutting. In the same cutting, the following different results can be obtained.
    • Defined small contours
    • Perpendicularity in critical holes
    • Maximum speed with acceptable quality in wide paths
  • Impact control:   The constant measure of stress suffered by all moving parts can identify impacts and stop the machine from moving further
  • Fume suction and Filtration:   This unit is responsible for collecting all the gas produced during cutting and return them to the outside environment in a non-harmful state.
  • Nesting CAD/CAM software:   This software installed in an external PC will help design the profile to be cut and transfer to the machine control system

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