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A plate Bending machine or Rolling Machine can roll different kinds of metal plates into a round or conical shape.

Khusheim supplies the bending machines from DAVI-PROMAU, the largest manufacturer in the world of plate and angle roll and automatic rolling systems

Four-Roll Bending Machines from DAVI

  • No need to pre-bend the two edges of the plate first, and then roll, as on any three roll bending machine
  • A cylinder can be rolled, including the pre-bending of both ends, feeding the plate forward through the rolls, one time only. The operator should find one only position for each side roll, to get part finished.
  • CNC Controlled: To roll parts in automatic mode
  • Accurate feeding: Independent Hydraulic motors for both clamping rolls, and braking is Hydraulic
  • Horizontal Feeding: To help use of in-feed conveyors, automatic loading and unloading systems - can be used as automated un-manned rolling centers with extremely short cycle times, ideal for high quantity production.

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