Khusheim Machine Tools Department can supply the right 3 Roll Plate Bending Machines for your requirement.Please send an email to with your contact details and requirement.

A plate Bending machine or Rolling Machine can roll different kinds of metal plates into a round or conical shape.

Khusheim supplies the bending machines from DAVI-PROMAU, the largest manufacturer in the world of plate and angle roll and automatic rolling systems

Three-Roll Variable Geometry Press-Roll

  • One pressing top roll and two pressing side rolls
  • All the three rolls move and tilt independently.
  • Top rolls move in the Vertical plane, and side rolls move in the horizontal planes.
  • Greater Flexibility:   The side rolls can be kept away to create greater mechanical advantage when bending large thickness plates, whereas side rolls can be kept close to create smaller bending diameters while bending small thickness plates.

    Khusheim can supply DAVI MAV Variable Geometry Press rolls for plates from 60mm to more than 300mm thickness. For lesser thickness DAVI MCO series, three roll double pinch machine, with fixed top-roll and pinching side rolls can be provided.

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